One WiFi Client shows up on multiple APs after Handover + wrong 5GHz channel in Germany

Hey guys,

we have recently purchased some AP One AC Mini and Balance One and would like to provide customers with public wifi in the future.
The management will be done completely via InControl2.

As soon as a device (e.g. smartphone) roams over several APs, the device appears at several APs in IC2 as a connected device - as shown in the picture.
In reality, the device is only connected to one AP without any problems.

Strangely enough, the device is also displayed on the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz (802.11b ?!) frequency and has 4 signal strengths with three AccessPoints?
In reality, the device was connected to the AP-___seck.

This has the additional disadvantage that a client is displayed on three devices in the overview, even though only one device is connected (see number of clients on the Balance_EF47: 6 APs, 1 user).
Since we want to get the number of clients via the API and provide the customer with our own frontend, wrong information would be rather suboptimal here.

I also noticed that the APs in the 5 GHz network are using channel 149, although this channel is not allowed in Germany.
In InControl the Operating County is correctly set to Germany and all channels to Auto.
When selecting channels manually, channel 149 cannot be selected at all.

Maybe I have configured something wrong. I would be grateful for help.
All devices are directy connected to the Balance One.

WAN —ethernet— Balance One Core --ethernet— AP


No one who could possibly help with this?

@TK_Liew maybe you can say something?

It could be a problem if we’re using the wrong (not allowed) channels in Germany.


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@AC-Max and @dennis.hofheinz.

Both reported issues below are acknowledged. We categorized them as a bug and we have filed these bugs.

  • The connected AP for the wireless client doesn’t show correctly in InControl2.
  • Channel 149 assigned to AP while Operating Country sets as Germany.

For the time being, you may refer to the AP’s web admin if you wish to confirm where the wireless client is connected to. You may fix the channel for AP between 36 and 128 as a workaround.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Thanks a lot!
Could you already make a statement when we can expect the bugfix?

I’ll write you an E-Mail :wink:

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There is no ETA at the moment. We will share the detail when we have more information from the teams.

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