One thing to remember: boot to old firmware = old password necessary

This may be obvious, but one thing to remember. If you reboot the device to old firmware, for example boot to 7.1.2 instead of 8.0.0, when the device reboots you will need to know admin username and password that was set when 7.1.2 was last running. The 8.0.0 admin credentials will be invalid when the device boots to 7.1.2 for example if the password was changed recently. So keep recorded your username and password each time before you update your firmware on device.

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That is something I would not have thought off.


Hello @aquablue,
This is not an issue if you use InControl2 to manage your device password as the settings for the security are verified when the device is rebooted and adjusted accordingly (from our experience).
If you are in an environment where you can not use the public IC2, then it is worth setting up the privately hosted IC2.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m using it as a stand alone device not managed by InControl2.

I do recognize the many potential benefits of managing everything through IC2. Maybe I’m overly-paranoid, but I perfer to keep some things with settings changable only through the LAN side rather than cloud managed.

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