One Captive Portal With Different Bandwidth on Same SSID?

Hi guys,
Have been googling around and checking the forum but not found a good answer yet.

As the title, how can you allow a captive portal which gives the user different bandwidth options on the same SSID? I have seen this on trains and planes that you might have a “slow-but-free” option and then a “paid high speed” connection? I know I could set up different captive portals on different VLANs on different SSID, but all this usually comes in one SSID so how do you set this up? Right now the Accesspoints are also maxed out with SSIDs and for ease of use we would like this on one wifi with basically following setup:


  • VLAN to VSAT


-Captive portal with a “slow-but-free” option and a “paid-highspeed” option.