On-premises Network is not accessible from Azure VM

I have configured a PepVPN connection between Fusionhub on Azure and 710 Router in my Office.
I have upgraded Fusionhub firmware to 6.3.2s004.
Form Fusionhub i can ping any of the resources in my On-Premises network
From VM which is in the same virtual network and Subnet with Fusionhub i can not ping any resources in my On-premises network but i can still ping the fusionhub local IP.

What am i missing in my setup?
What should be the Ipv4 configuration of the VM network card?

Hi Osman, it sounds like the traffic on Azure is not routing through your Fusionhub. You’ll need to create the correct user defined routes in Azure, please raise a ticket with [email protected] and we’ll assist you.