On demand cellular failover for Balance One

Is there such a device?

Might need clarification. Cellular failover is achieved on a Balance One by either plugging in a USB dongle or by connecting a cellular device (like a MAX BR1 to the WAN).

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The customer has the Balance One currently and their ISP service has gone down. They want to find something that will offer redundancy if this occurs again.

Automatic failover would be nice since they do not have tech expertise on site.

Does it work along with the Balance One? If yes, can the Balance One fail over to the MAX BR1?

Either a USB dongle plugged into the USB port or a Cellular Router (like the BR1) connected to a spare WAN port on the Balance One will provide failover very well. Choice between the two options tends to be based on the location of the Balance One - ie if its in a rack in a server room 4G coverage might be poor so a BR1 in the right place cabled back to the WAN port would work better.

Automatic Failover and managing multiple WAN links for active / active use is what Peplink specializes in.

Yes of course.