Officially supported FW / EOL notices


With regards to official support, I see many references to running the latest FW on a particular platform.

While that’s all well and good, generally speaking, unless there’s a specific requirement to upgrade; new feature or a bug fix, no upgrade should occur.

EG, for the sake of argument, let’s say 6.3.3 on either HW version of a 305 is installed. Let’s say there’s an issue that is not documented as being fixed in later versions. Officially, it would seem to me that Peplink should troubleshoot this instead of simply saying upgrade to the latest version. Generally speaking, most every manufacturer will do this; support back to a particular version of code.

For those that have large estates, simply upgrading for the sake of upgrading is not a good use of time nor resources.

That said, officially speaking, what is Peplink’s stance on supported versions? Is there any documentation to this end hiding as I’ve not been able to find anything.


@Erik_deBie can you shed any light on this?