Obtaining a Diagnostic Report from a Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX Device


At times you may be requested by Support to provide a Diagnostic Report. Or, when opening a new ticket, you can also attach one together with descriptions and reproducibility of your issue.

Please follow the steps below to obtain a Diagnostic Report from a Peplink or Pepwave device:

  1. Connect to the Web Admin Interface with a web browser.
  2. Go to Status > Device. Click the Download button next to the Diagnostic Report field.
  3. A prompt will appear for saving the file containing the Diagnostic Report to your computer.

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OK, and then once I have this report just what do I do with it. How do I read it? Am I to send it to you for analysis?




Hi typically this is only requested by support when you have a ticket open. Alternatively yes you can attach one when you open a new ticket together with a description of your issue.

I’ll update the post to include the above. thank you.

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