NTRIP client serial connection

I’m working for an agricultural machinery company in Switzerland.
We buy some Max BR1 mini to create WIFI network in vehicles for monitors needing an internet connection, specially to receive RTK data from NTRIP server.

Some old monitors don’t have the ability to directly work as NTRIP client, so in this case we need a modem able to work as NTRIP client and that we can plug directly to the GNSS receiver by RS232 serial connector.
For this application we where buying some modems from other manufacturer, but these one are no more available.
So I try to buy a Max BR1 M2M wich have RS232 connector, but I don’t find how to configure the serial port, and also not if it’s possible to configure the NTRIP client.

Can somebody help me?

There is a tutorial for the BR1 M2M Serial setup here:

No peplink device natively supports NTRIP as far as I’m aware.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your answer.
In competitors modems we have to activate a function called “MultiTX” in serial port settings and so we can specify a server and enter a string with details of RTK license with encrypted username and password.