NTP time off by about a second

I’ve configured my peplink router to use time.nist.gov as its time source.

I enabled the NTP server on the peplink.

I would expect that if I synchronize my PC’s time to time.nist.gov and then immediately after I synchronize it to the router, that I would get very little offset but that is not the case.

> $ sudo ntpdate time.nist.gov
> 22 Jan 14:45:46 ntpdate[41535]: adjust time server offset 0.020746 sec
> $ sudo ntpdate time.nist.gov
> 22 Jan 14:45:53 ntpdate[41546]: adjust time server offset 0.004842 sec
> $ sudo ntpdate
> 22 Jan 14:46:06 ntpdate[41557]: step time server offset -0.891095 sec
> $ sudo ntpdate
> 22 Jan 14:46:14 ntpdate[41567]: adjust time server offset -0.002001 sec

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Same issue here. Off by exactly 1s from the NTP time source I give it. I’ve tried a few different ones too.