Noticed on balance one Local DNS settings issue

IS it only support FQDN now?
Used to allow me to use short names on LAN side.

See screenshot.

After our initiate investigation, we think it is configuration specific issue. We will look further.

any fix so far?

need it for this:

Hi Andrey,

Engineering team is looking into this matter now. Will keep you posted the update.

Hi Andrey,

This was fixed in v6.1.2 GA. v6.1.2 GA to be available either this week or next week.

Hi Andrey,

Please download 6.1.2 GA to solve this issue.

I have firmware 6.1.2s24 build 1598 should I downgrade to build 1597?

Hi Andrey,

Please remain 6.1.2s24 build 1598. Sorry for confusing because the problems you facing are interrelated to same unit. So 6.1.2s24 solve your Local DNS problem?

yes, it did, for now trying to figure out VoIP problem in separate ticket with pcap and all hardcore stuff :slight_smile: