Not releasing DHCP leases


I have a MAX Transit Duo that is only a few months old, I was on firmware v7.1.1 and the other day upgraded to v7.1.2 but this issues still exists.

I have 2 networks set up, private and guest, separate IP ranges.
Private network is set to a 5 day lease time, guest network is set to a 1 day lease time.

The issue is that the IPs are not being released. When I view my client list, there are devices from months ago that still show and they are still holding the IPs originally assigned to them.

I realized this the other day when I took a brand new laptop and tried to connect it to my network, it couldn’t receive an IP and threw some DHCP error, that’s when I realized I was out of IPs.

Restarting the router does nothing.
Does anyone have a solution?

For support guys here, I did submit a ticket yesterday [Ticket #790760]


Hello ripken204,

I found the ticket and will send a response from that ticket.



Solution was to disable DHCP then re-enable DHCP.
This cleared out all of the stale leases and things appear to be working properly with new leases.


It seemed to be working but after a week it is not.
It appears that the pepwave is automatically renewing every IP for the full lease time.
I only use my pepwave a few days a week and it is otherwise powered off.
I am wondering if that has something to do with it’s calculation of lease time.