Not getting Combined Bandwidth Whatsoever!

I finally settled it by downloading 3 files simultaneously, so my router (Peplink 30) would use the 2Mbit of each of the 3 WANs for every single file instead of getting 1 WAN speed if the download was a single file. As for bonding them together into a single link so 2Mb becomes 6Mb, since it needs to be done by your internet provider that should support MLPPP protocol & maybe he doesn’t or he can’t use it for some reason. In that case, you could subscribe to SharedBand Servers that can bond the lines for you & it’s available to everyone but it requires a special version of Linksys or Netgear routers with a monthly fee (starting with $25 for 2 bonded lines with 250 GB of traffic each month) and each line needs a router. They’re located in US & UK for now so your distance might affect the whole thing. However, you can try them to be sure especially they offer 30 day money back guarantee!
Best of Luck!

Thanks for sharing the info Salaam. This might be suitable for some customers, but the on-going monthly costs can add up, along with the up-front hardware costs. In your example, it would cost $75 a month for the service and between $300-$700 up front for the hardware. It requires a separate router for each connection, so you would end up with 3 ISP modems plus 3 routers, plus your own AP/wireless router - that’s 7 devices before you connect anything else on the network!

I’m not saying the solution is bad, but customers need to know whats involved.

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That’s right! Not to mention it might be slow for long-distance users away from their servers and their must-buy routers have limitations like max data can’t exceed 24 Mbps!
That’s why I’m sticking with my load balancing router (which isn’t always giving me 3 WANs speed when downloading 3 files simultaneously & I don’t know why!).
However, Sharedband is an excellent choice for those who won’t be affected by these restrictions.

Can anyone please confirm me if my peplink 30 supports Link aggregation IEEE 802.3ad or not?

Currently Peplink does not support link aggregation.

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