No Wifi Signal in Trailer Max BR1 Mini

Hello, hoping someone might have an idea. I recently setup the MaxBR1 mini (has most current version) and have no problems connecting to both home wifi and cellular (Verizon and ATT). I can connect via WIFI to the router in my house with no problems from phones or PCs.

When I move the router into the trailer, there is no WIFI signal being sent from the router. I have tried phones and other devices but the signal is not there. Every once in awhile, a signal appears but you can not connect to it.

All my tests are standing inside the trailer next to the device to eliminate range issues and have tried using AC plugged into shore power and 12V power. I thought it might be a power issue with the 12V, but AC does not work either. All lights engage to green, but no signal is being broadcasted that I can find.

I can’t figure out why it does not work in the trailer when it works just fine inside the house. Any help would be appreciated.


  1. Are you using the same antennas in both locations?
  2. Is wi-fi-as-WAN turned on?
  3. Are there other potentially interfering wi-fi signals in the area?