No where near enough speed

I apologize ahead of time if this topic seems redundant but …I purchased a peplink surf soho a couple years ago and have used it without problems until we started to stream. The buffering is maddening. So I go to my internet provider …purchase the biggest baddest 1000 gig download speed only to realize I`m only getting below 100mbps speeds. So then I purchased a high end modem/router combo only to find out Atlantic Broadband doesnt recognize this unit. So…back to the peplink.
Question is how does an old guy with no techno understanding turn my surf soho into a downloading speed demon?? Thanks all ahead of time.

The Pepwave SOHO is limited to 120MBPS.

So you can’t get more out of it. You’ll have to upgrade to a more powerful unit like a Balance One which is rated at 600mbps or a Balance 20x at 900mbps.

Those are max speeds under mostly perfect conditions. If you’re speed testing over wifi you’ll generally come under a little depending how strong the signal is and congested the channel

Thanks for your reply Stego! Thats what I was afraid of. I was hoping for some way to get around that 120mbps…but like you say Ill have to go with another router. Its almost criminal that when you want speed and you look to your internet provider and theyre ready to give you a 1000 gig download speed,they neglect to explain that "well…you may have to upgrade this and thats not compatible with that and you should go to new connectors and and and … Its all very frustrating these electronics are just not plug and go. Now that Im being charged with the 1000gig internet download speed plan and I cant use it and my fire stick still buffers I`ll have to keep searching for that perfect combo. Like I have nothing else to do!!

I have a 150mbps cable connection at home but could upgrade to 500mbps. But no reason really.

We have 6 people in the home using a combination of Google Meet, Netflix, YouTube, MS Teams etc at different times. And never had buffering issues.

That said, I’m using a Balance 20x and AP AC minis.

I had a Soho prior to this and it served me well for a year but wanted a Balance series to have the AP controller software to manage the AC minis.

The wifi range of the SOHO was “adequate” but my main streaming devices (AppleTV) were hard wired.

Perhaps you could look into router placement and measure the wifi signal throughout your home to see what signal strength etc your getting?

Sometimes a few small tweaks can make a world of difference.

And when it comes to streaming, if tou can hardwire the device it’s always the better option.