No organization data received from IC2 API

I have an on-prem installation of the IC2 appliance. I have three active organizations, and a couple that got deactivated some time ago because of not containing any devices.

Using the API I should be able to get the available organization IDs by running GET /rest/o. However, when i try this in the swagger interface at /api/restful_api i only get a response of “data”: , as the picture shows.

I am currently running IC2 appliance version

How can I fix this so that I am able to get all my active organization IDs and use those for my API scripts?


Do you mean you can see the 3 active organizations when login to IC2 appliance, and the data not return using same user account when getting data by API?

Please enable RA and DM me your IC2 appliance sn for further checking.

With the information you provided to Bonnie, we find it is because your account is not an organization admin of any organization in the system even though you are a superuser. Even a superuser cannot list all organizations in the system while you are not an admin of the organizations. So I suggest you adding a user to each of the organizations as a super org admin. The user could be your existing superuser account or another dedicated account for making API calls.

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I have tested your solution and it works! Thank you so much for the help :slight_smile: