No internet access when "send all traffic to" remote device is selected

Hi, team pls try to resolve the issue:

We have One Balance 380 (used as Hub) and 3 HD4 LTE. All are installed at different locations and we need to create a speed fusion tunnel.
We create SF profile on IC2 with Star topology, making Balance 380 as HUB and all HD4 as endpoints.
Our main purpose is to route all traffic of each endpoint via Balance 380’s WAN to the Internet.

For this, I enabled “send all traffic to the hub” is selected in the SF profile on IC2.
but after that, we are not able to access the internet from the LAN side of every endpoint(HD4).

and we easily able to ping Balance 380’s WAN and LAN IP from the LAN side of HD4.

We need to deploy this on live(critical) site so please take this on priority.

If I need to raise a support ticket on priority for faster response, then I will do accordingly…



Please open a support ticket to allow support to help verify your setup. Send all traffics should work fine unless hub site is blocking the traffics.

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Thanks Sitloong,

now we detected the issue, that was due to firewall.
Currently the user disable the firewall but they don’t keep as it is.

Can you told me required ports to be open for:

  1. Communication between device and IC2.
    2."send all traffic to " hub is enable any port required to route traffic via Hub…

We already opened TCP 32015, UDP 4500 for speedfusion and 443 for Web admin access.


Please refer to this link - Overview of ports used by Peplink SD-WAN routers and other Peplink services

No specific port for “Send all traffic to”, since SpeedFusion tunnel is up and running. All internet traffics from remote HD4 will be routed through SpeedFusion tunnel. You may need to check with the customer what is the required ports. Common ports for internet access are UDP 53, TCP 80, and TCP443.

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