Newbie needs help AP One Mini setup

If this is a duplicate, I apologize. I seem to be fighting with vBulletin.

In any event, I have been asked to set up wireless access to an existing wired network for several regular users and a guest account with internet access only. I have an AP One mini for this purpose. I have looked at the online user manual for the AP One, and assume it also applies to the mini. Is that correct?

My first question has to do with accessing the admin account. I’m instructed to connect the mini to the network and then to use a machine connected to the network to access the mini’s admin account at However, the IP range on this network is How will this affect my setup?

Second, My quick read through of the guest setup seems to indicate that it is done through the Incontrol Web Portal. Is that the only to do this?
I plan to use MAC address filtering for the regular users, who need access to the entire network. That seems to provide the best balance between simplicity and security.

Thanks for your advice. I’m sure as I work through this I will have more questions. This is my first attempt at such an undertaking.


Hi Cjon,

For initial configuration you can hook a PC up directly to the unit with a static IP in the 192.168.0.x range, or if already connected to your network via the 10.24.x.x address it receives from your system via DHCP. Either way, the default is HTTPS on port 443.

You will need to setup an InControl account to configure the guest portal on the device.

For further help, please contact your point of purchase.