Newbie issue changing web admin to HTTPS for SOHO Surf

I’ve got the MK3 model, with Firmware 7.0.3 build 1260. I’m using Chrome as my browser.

I’ve changed the settings to require HTTPS for accessing admin. I believe that the changes are in effect — at least I hope – because if I try to access through the regular HTTP, it times out.

In using my Chrome browser and accessing admin through HTTPS, however, I keep getting a red triangle warning sign with “Not secure” and the https portion of the address highlighted in red with a strikethrough marking through HTTPS. Google keeps suggesting the web page is not secure. [Using my Edge browser suggests the web page is not secure, either].

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a problem? Is the HTTPS function working when I enter the admin portal? If not, is it possible to do something to make the scary red stuff go away?

The scary red stuff is completely normal and here is a post for reference:


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