New to Peplink - Basics of GPS and Licensing

Device: Peplink Pepwave BR1 Mini

The device is in our Tiny House on wheels and the hope, of course is to have a sustained connection, utilizing multiple connections: AT&T sim, wifi, and even a WAN connection. In addition, we would love to utilize the GPS functionality to be able to track the house, should it ever be stolen. I’ve read that additional licensing is required for these features. I thought before I carried on my search, I would post here and hopefully receive some much needed insight into the peplink universe.

Basic questions:

  1. What do I need to do to enable multiple connections?
  2. What is recommended that I do to track the GPS, should the house be stolen?
  3. Can I use the peplink to serve as a whole-house VPN/add blocker?

Thank you so much!

Hi Joey - Welcome to the forum!

A software license (MAX-BR1-MINI-LC-FS) this enables Enables Load Balancing, WAN Smoothing, PepVPN hot failover, Ethernet and Wi-Fi WAN

Go to and set up an account - its free for the first year 49euros a year after that. It will let you track the BR1 Mini (and remotely manage it).

No, not buy itself. Although you can now buy an additional openvpn license that would let you use a 3rd party VPN for that purpose.

There is a good BR1 mini setup guide here


Wonderful! Thank you so much, Martin!

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