New Surf Soho - No 5GHz on WiFi WAN

I have a customer with a new Surf Soho and it cannot see any 5GHz signals on the WiFi WAN. He was told this is a known bug and was given a new firmware from Peplink support (not on the website) to install - 7.0.0 Build 1139. Installed the firmware successfully but still does not see 5GHz signals. Public 5GHz signals are available and working with direct connections by customer’s iOS products and MacBook. In the “Interfaces” section, a 2.4GHz MAC address is shown but nothing for 5GHz. Any ideas?

I think I saw that the 5Ghz signal might have been disabled when I first got my surf out of the box under AP/Setttings WiFi Radio Settings. I then had to manually enable it. I was doing this late at night so I might not be remembering correctly.


Have you see the 5GHz Wifi WAN interface below?

onspotwifi, Is this Will? If so, I ordered the Surf and as you can see by the thread, I can’t uplink via 5G, no options or settings for this. Did I order the wring unit? Maybe I need a SOHO version?