New Surf SOHO MK3 Wifi vs Ethernet Setup

Hello. I have a New Surf SOHO MK3 v8.1.1. (HW1). Newbie user. Since I need to buy a new DVD-player (normally always connected to my TV) I’m/we are not using the TV yet because… The question “Is it “safe” to connect the TV directly into an (LAN) Ethernet port in the router then create a New LAN (ex. TVLAN) and assign a port number to ex. TVLAN?”
I would of created a new VLAN using the New LAN button and name it ex. TVVLAN then link it to a ex. TVVLAN SSID for Wifi-only purpose for this device with Layer 2 Isolation. Help. Thanks!

Hi. What do you mean by safe? Are you worried about being hacked through your TV somehow?

Hi Martin. I went ahead to configure an Ethernet port for the TV and created a VLAN with Layer 2 Isolation - easy peasy . TV works. Is there anyway bad guys can “hack” the TV (no camera feature) and gain knowledge of say IP addresses in the Network Settings of the TV. That’s all I meant…

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