New peplink device?

Hi all, what type of peplink device is that in the photo?:star_struck::star_struck:


That is Pepwave HDX - surprised to see one in the wild as the last time I saw it it was still on the drawing board. Certainly not publicly released yet…

Where did you see it?

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Dang, I was hoping for a new Balance One that can maintain 1 Gbps throughput. It’s not a huge deal for me, but it seems to be for other people when I recommend this device to them.


The device was on show at Critical Communications World 2017, see the blog post from Peplink here

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it’s very very big :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Hello Peplink Team,
We would love to test the new Pepwave HDX here in Australia (we have a major national communications expo in November that we will be at with our local Peplink Partner, Wireless Tech).

It will be exciting demonstrate the unit, hooking up the 24 antennas and 6 GPS has me interested though, I will have to design a distributed load balanced RF network to optimise and clean that up (will get it down to four(4) or two(2) antennas + GPS).

Here in Australia we could run this (theoretically) with a throughput of over 1.2G/Sec maybe even as high as 2G/Sec or more shared across three independent carriers simultaneously, imagine hooking this into SpeedFusion, what do you think Jay @Jay & Reynaldo @rocknolds? Shall we give it an Australian road show?
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Marcus :slight_smile:

We can have some spec of the HDX ?


A point of clarification - the HDX was an early name, it is officially the APX (Advanced Performance X…anything).

At launch, the APX performance specs will be roughly the same as the B2500. Future software updates will unlock throughput advances beyond the B2500, making this not only a revolutionary mobile device, but also a perfect SD-WAN core.

Initial module options will include:

  • 3 x Cellular (picture shows the old 2 x Cellular) (WAN)
  • 4 x SFP+ (WAN or LAN)
  • 8 x 1G Copper with PoE (WAN or LAN)
  • SSD for MediaFast

Please share your thoughts on ideal mix of modules, possible applications you have in mind, and any other module ideas.

We couldn’t be more excited to get this product out the door! More details to come.


Looks promising! Can’t wait to see exact specs and test it myself.

If the specs are similar to B2500, then SF tunnel troughput should be 2GB.
Shall we spread the news in our partners circle or do we wait a bit?
I guess the Police and Military would be highly interested.