New Peplink Balance: Let Existing Eero Do Routing

New Peplink Balance purchase here to do a simple failover for a setup with cable and cellular internet connections.

I have an existing Eero network with a bunch of port forwards that works great for my limited purposes.

I’d like to find a way to let the Eero continue to handle routing duties and for the Peplink to handle failover.

Both WANs have dynamic IPs so I don’t think Drop In mode works. I also read about IP Forwarding but that doesn’t seem well documented it quite right either. Any ideas? Thank you!

I don’t think you need to do drop-in mode or port forwarding then.
I would do cable modem → peplink wan → peplink lan → eero → the rest of your network
Make sure the peplink lan is some other range then your erro network.
further make the dhcp range one ip address.
example ip’s as the peplink lan as the start and end of the dhcp range.

Eero lan whatever you want say
do a nat mapping in/out from the public cable modem ip to the
This will allow all traffic to pass thru the cable modem to eero.
IF your cellular is a routable public ip , do the same.
Set the outbound policy for to whatever you want for wan/cellular/combo.

Awesome I like this idea and I think I follow you.

I created the peplink lan–see image below. Look right? Should that be a /24 or something else?

For the Eero lan I used your suggestion of /24. Screen cap below.

For the Nat mapping I am only going to map the cable modem IP because I don’t think the cellular is routable (it’s a tmobile home internet gateway). Sound right? Will this still allow the Peplink to handle failover? Screen shot of nap mapping below.

The eero lan should not be definied on the pepwave, let the eero handle dhcp/routing.
You may want to also rename the peplink lan as eero wan to clarify.

Got it! Makes sense. Thank you!!

One more question on the NAT Mapping. When I check WAN 1 in the inbound/outbound mapping it requires me to select the interface IP. This IP changes from time to time since I do not have a static IP from the cable company. When that IP changes will it automatically update in the Peplink NAT Mapping? Or will a change in the cable modem IP break the Peplink NAT Mapping?

It shouldn’t break anything if you are checking the use interface ip , even if it changes upstream.