New MAX BR1 not recognizing Verizon SIM

I have a new Pepwave Max BR1 that is not recognizing my Verizon SIM card. I am running Firmware **6.0.0s55 build 1224.

**Anyone else have this issue with the initial setup?

Anyone familiar with these devices that could provide some ideas where to start looking, I would appreciate it, as I am new to this line of devices.


Sorry, forgot to mention that the Dashboard is showing “No Device Detected” and when I select “details” I see this error: SIM Card A IMSI (No SIM Card Detected).

I currently have an ethernet cable connected to the WAN port, so I am able to get out to the internet without the SIM working.

Tks again

Hi Jeff, that is the correct firmware. Please make sure you have inserted the SIM properly and that it is indeed active on the VZW network. If the SIM card has not yet been provisioned you will need to call VZW and give them the IMEI of the BR1.