New Locations of SpeedFusion Cloud

We are now making our SpeedFusion connectivity easily accessible to more users across the world by adding over 10 more locations globally.

On the SpeedFusion Cloud page, under “Cloud Location” is a drop-down bar.

Using the drop down bar, you can select a specific SFCloud location to connect to, or you may select “Automatic” to connect to the nearest SFCloud to you.

Note: Devices will automatically obtain the server list every 24 hours so your devices should already have the updated server list.


I’ve had loads of good feedback on this - thanks Peplink.
However I’ve been asked if Peplink does any traffic data logging (connection or usage) or monitoring of the SF Cloud links?
I’ve replied that I understand that all traffic goes ‘straight out the door’ with no interference, monitoring, or analysis; except for sizing of bandwidth requirements. Can anyone confirm this?
Also where is any logged data stored? Can it identify end users?


This reminds me of a slide I saw a few years ago… :smiley:

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@Cassy_Mak, is there a special process to follow to get that “Automatic” entry?

For some reason it does not show up for me. Is it because I already have two fixed-location entries and need to delete them first?

Please see screenshot below.

If you have a manually selected node, auto does disappear. You can either have one auto connection or 3 manually selected.


How does automatic work? Based on hops? ping? gps? Thanks

It uses GeoIP


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