New firmware inquiry

My number of Netflix users is constantly growing. I noticed this in your latest E-mail:

Video Bonding - Enhance video delivery and other streaming applications with our new patent-pending video bonding technology. With optimized 3G/4G cellular bonding, you will notice an instant quality improvement!

Can you tell me more about this?

My current setup does not seem to do very well with streaming video and load balancing.

Hi legoman,

Thanks for the question. With our upcoming 5.4 firmware there have been a number of improvments to the SpeedFusion/Peplink Site to Site VPN that helps video streaming immensely. Using the already proven Peplink to Peplink VPN method and adding in improved video bonding protocols makes for a dramatic improvement in video quality!

I do hope that helps, let us know if there further questions or clarification needed at all.