New Device Connector Page: SpeedFusion Over Wi-Fi!


Did you know? The Device Connector can combine the bandwidth of 2.4GHz and 5GHz for faster and more reliable Wi-Fi bridging! Check out the updated page to see all the ways Peplink’s Device Connector Rugged or Device Connector IP55 can allow your Ethernet devices to access wireless networks with unbreakable reliability!

See New Webpage


I found the CarFi Fast Roaming options on the DC webpage. Is this option available for TransitDuo as well, and can we get a little more information how CarFi works and which roaming performance is to expect in compare to the standard roaming capability of Pepwave AP’s ?


Hi @Alan, how can we access the firmware/software upgrade for CarFi Fast Roaming? thanks


The examples on the IP55 web page show a single device (in this case an IP camera) being fed. Does the IP55 function as a bridge, a router, or is there a choice? Can you install multiple devices on a LAN behind the IP55 bridge?


@rocknolds CarFi is already a part of the default feature set, there will be no need for the license. We’ll revise the web-page accordingly - tks.


@Don_Ferrario, I am testing with firmware 1.1.1, the default Operating Mode is Router Mode, where it acts as layer 3 device. You can change it to Bridge Mode so it will function as layer 2 device.

Yes, you can connect multiple devices (my testing is 2 wired client devices) on the LAN side of the Device Connector.


Thanks Dan