New CPU's and updated hardware

First I have to say I love your products. Though it’s really hard for me to justify the price of your current hardware. Have you thought about moving to a CPU architecture to something such as a Dual Core 1Ghz+ MIPS64 (Can handle 2 Million plus 64k packets a second and 512 or larger at line rates) or even better something like TILE-Gx family of processors by Tilera? Especially the Tilera processors such as there 1Ghz 72 Core TLR4-07280DG-10CE or 1.2Ghz 72 Core TLR4-07280DG-12. They are capable handing over 120 MILLION packets per second! Let me say that again over 120,000,0000 packets per second. They are so well suited for networking routing applications that companies are building anti-DDOS hardware with them because they can handle 80-100Gbps of packet filtering and bandwidth management. I just thought I’d throw the feature request out there since the BPL-2500 ($15,000+) can only handle 8Gbps throughput based on ethernet frames of 1280/1518bytes. Like I said in the beginning I love your products, but the competition’s going to kill you with hardware easily capable of handling 8Gbps 1518byte throughput that is under $3000.00. And $2000.00 of that price paying for NGFW unified threat management software licensing. I hope I didn’t come off as insulting…because that was absolutely not my intent. I just dream of having your proprietary Peplink software running on hardware like a MikroTik CCR1072.

Hi Justin,

Don’t worry, we haven’t mistaken your enthusiasm for product enhancement as insulting at all. Although we are proud of what the current platforms can do we know there are always ways to improve them - and we’re always looking at new ways to improve hardware performance. However like most busy tech companies we can sometimes be guilty of choosing to work with software and hardware platforms we already know well because it reduces our product development cycle and the risk associated with new product development.

Be assured the hardware team are aware of this post and are actively looking at the platforms you have suggested - I know from my conversations with the team that they are already aware of the Tilera multi core processors…

Thank you again for your feedback and enthusiasm for Peplink products.


Actually Justin, if you wouldn’t mind doing so here, we’d love to learn more about your current or potential environment for Peplink routers with higher throughput.

Visibility of customer use cases and the specific hardware features required is always important to us. Nearly all of our products have been built in direct response to a specific customer requirement or specification, your feedback could potentially help us define what the next range of potentially Tilera processor based Balance products might look like…

All teams in Peplink monitor these forums daily - so you have the ear of the hardware and product development teams. Tell them what you need :wink: