New Balance 20 problem

I purchased a Balance 20 about a week ago, loaded the latest firmware 8.0.2 build 3667, got it configured with two ISP’s and it ran great for several days. Yesterday when I went to it’s IP address to have a look at bandwidth usage reports, instead of the login screen I received some random plain text characters, probably 200 or so. I rebooted it but began getting a rapidly flashing red front panel status light after it was solid for a minute or so during booting. The manual says that it indicates a “Boot up error”. So I followed the directions for a factory reset with no success.

Any suggestions or am I looking at a return/replacement?

Sounds like a hardware failure if it turns red and stays that way. If you were able to get to the GUI I’d say turn on RA and submit a ticket. But it appears that’s not the case so I’d say it’s time to contact your seller.