New Affordable 1Gbps access and Peplink

I live in the Atlanta area and I have a lot of fiber services available or coming from Google, AT&T, Comcast. I run a private/educational server hosting system and currently use a Cisco solution for my 3 Wan links(Cable/IFITL/Vsat). Everything is working fine right now…but like I mentioned with all this great 1Gbps internet service my family members want me to setup a kinda vMPLS service. I would handing all the DHCP & DNS client requests on a always on L2 VPN Tunnel configured at there home with like a Peplink One router. Essentially creating a local LAN that allows all the family members to share bonjour services, Tivo subscriptions, DNLA libraries, iTunes libraries, VOIP service, and other services that are LAN specific. So I have 3 locations all in fiber or future fiber areas in Atlanta and a summer home located in Pennsylvania with a Verizon DSL connection. So lets pretend I get 3 Peplink Balance One routers and 1 Peplink Balance xxx 1U router. As it stands currently, and tell me if I am wrong I wouldn’t be able to fully use those 1Gbps fiber connections because of the routers VPN throughput. I realize i could spend 15,000 or more for your most powerful routers. So my question is basically do you have plans to take advantage of these new fiber connections being rolled out. And by take advantage I mean putting more powerful processors in all of your routers or releasing a VM solution. I really like your products and really want to use them but unfortunately I’m not a multimillionaire…so should I hold out for a while?..or start building a pfsense/OPNsense solution.

P.S. Have you read the following article from a long time ago. Today there are single pipe and multi pipe crypto IC’s available.

Hi JustinB,

Product development never stops at Peplink. We are working on some advanced development and you’ll see something that will match or even exceed your expectation early next year.


Any updates on this? Google 1gbps is coming, ATT 1gbps already there, Comcast 2gbps is coming but no one cares.
Would love to bind Google and ATT together through affordable 2gbps peplink.

theoski, I’m with you! I’m in a Google + AT&T fiber zone and service is priced at $70 no commitment, no install costs, etc. I’ve got Comcast 305mbps DOCSIS 3.1 (Not advertised but available at my address apparently) & AT&T 1gbps service. I can get about 10MB a second through my current router if I am directly connected to AT&T Gateway I top out at 39-40 MB a second. The best way I’ve found to test connections above 100mbps is to get the latest LTS Ubuntu bit-torrent and download the ISO. Comcast does offer 2gbps service at my address, but they will not budge on the 3 year commitment and WILL NOT give you something in writing saying the monthly price is guaranteed to not be raised, or if it is raised I can cancel service without early termination fee’s. Though Comcast’s 2Gbps service is nice in the fact that it’s the same as the Comcast business Metro Ethernet Service at 2Gbps. A Comcast rep got the price down to $225 a month + free basic tv package with HBO Now, but even though the agent said I would get all the services and the price is not some 3-6-12-24 month discount thing I couldn’t take a chance with a 3year commitment and a opps you must have misunderstood the agent crap Comcast pulls all the time. So here I am still waiting with you for a sweet Peplink router that can handle some real bandwidth that I can afford to put in 3 of my family members homes and create a VPN Lan that doesn’t keep breaking or needs an onsite admin.

How much bandwidth are you looking at pushing from site to site?
We have a Balance ONE core sitting on a 600/200Mbps links and get the full wack through it. Also have a PepVPN set up with easily puts 60-70Mbps through it (even though it says 30Mbps on the website)

Maybe run the Balance ONE (CORE) as the end units and a Balance 380 as the main unit.
I know the Balance 380 is only 1Gbps throughput, but the reliability is what you will really benefit from!

I’d like to push 1gbps VPN to my parents and my sister’s. So I’d want a router that can push 2gbps PepVPN and give them routers that can do 1gbps PepVPN. Both have 1gb connections and I’d have 2gb connection. I know that sounds crazy and working in the network field forever most business would pay $20,000 - $30,000 a month for something like that. Though I can’t shake this dream I’ve got of being able to share services like iTunes, TiVo, DirectTV RVU clients and other things that require they be on the same 100/1000 ethernet network at one location. We all live within a 12 mile radius of each other…though with all this bandwidth available where we live, a powerful enough VPN it would essentially be like we all lived next to each other and I ran an ethernet cable between houses.

At least you know how it really is!
By any chance, is there line of sight between the houses?

Oh how I wish! The area is semi Mountainist and heavily populated. Heck I’ve heard from a friend of a friend you can pick up 50+ wifi networks from my house with an external Alfa wifi adapter that’s been setup to work in Bolivia with a 12inch antenna.

Hi all,

Your request was heard!

This power platform still under R&D. Stay tuned!

You’re going to leaving me hanging like that! Come on drop a little info on me…and don’t say the device will have blinking lights! …hehehe