Network switchers

Hi I run live-streaming company looking to add a network 10gigbit managed switcher Poe+ for use of NDI & multiple ptz camera through vmix.

Do I connect my transit duo to the switcher or directly to the Laptop for internet?

I assume connect to switcher and the laptop so all other devices can be seen on the LAN. But would the other devices on the switcher use the internet bandwidth of the duo or can we allocate only the laptop to use the transit duo bonded internet. This is critical for live-streaming in remote areas as I would only want the laptop that is streaming to have all the bonded bandwidth.

Currently I connect the transit router directly to my laptop and it’s been super reliable

Thank you in advance.

Normally, you would connect the Transit to your managed switch and it becomes the internet gateway for the network.

If I were you I would have some outbound policies set so that when you live stream you can enable a policy that only allows the laptop to access the internet.

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Thanks again Martin! I’m learning about networking and it’s a learning curve but so much help here.

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Hi Martin, Do you offer training or private lessons? I’m wanting to set my transit duo correctly for different scenarios. I know my way around the Incontrol 2 just outbound polices etc is what Im not clear on.