Network inventory across multiple VLANs

I have multiple VLANs, some are configured to not permit inter-vlan routing for security purposes. However, I do want to permit traffic to and from our inventory server. Is there a way to permit traffic to and from only the 1 host? If so, how?

Inter-VLAN routing is enabled or disabled at the interface level. You can also use internal firewall rules to get more specific (i.e. permitting traffic to and from only the 1 host).

Intervlan routing is enabled on the LAN with the inventory system, but not on 2 other LANs which have phone and computers on them. So you’re saying that even though I don’t have intervlan routing enabled on VLAN2 and 3, that if I create a firewall rule, it will route traffic to VLAN 1?


Inter-VLAN routing refer to routing between the created VLANs. If you disable the setting (VLAN level setting), that mean you will disable the routing for the VLAN. No routing are allowed if you disable the Inter-VLAN setting for the VLAN.

Base on the requirement, you should enable Inter-Vlan routing for LAN, VLAN2 & VLAN3 and use “Internal Network Firewall Rules” to control access for the VLANs.

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That sounds like a plan. I’ll give it a shot. Thank you.