Need suggestion for Livestreaming

I am doing live stream Business and i am doing this with 1 USB Modem.But for more bandwidth its not i found peplink max. I am New to this Technology.after reading the forum and guides i understand i need Balancing and bonding router and Pepwave Max On-The-Go 3G/4G Router with Load Balancing & Speedfusion. correct me if i am which balancing and bonding router suites me best. my Router throughput should be 35 to 50Mbps. Or Please suggest me for another one.

The MAX On-The-Go or the MAX 700 are the correct products for the mobile side. As a stand alone device you will enjoy more bandwidth when there are multiple sessions or streams happening, and instant fail-over between all USB modems.

If you need to increase the bandwidth for a single stream using multiple USB modems then you will need our SpeedFusion VPN bonding technology. This requires a 2nd SpeedFusion enabled device that would be placed at your HQ or data center to terminate the VPN. A good choice for you here would be the Peplink Balance 380.

Thanks for Suggestion Tim
Cant i take pep link Balance 310 or 210 Because i can’t effort 380 price now.

Sure, the 210/310 will work as well.

I have an another Question.
Now I am doing live video streaming with single GSM modem to Dacast or Livestream.
this how it goes
1.Connet to internet through GSM Modem
2.Connect video in cable to Computer live stream select Audio and video inputs and click Go for live.

Please tell me how i have to do with Peplink I am little confused.
Thank you

The process would be very similar except you would need to route your traffic across the SpeedFusion VPN tunnel to the Peplink located at your HQ or datacenter, and from there it would go to Dacast or Livestream.

Is there any text or Video Tutorial For Video streaming.

The following article will give you more information and point you in the right direction:

I am purchasing max on the go 4u sf and Balance 380. can u guide me how to setup to my CDN. I am new to this.
1 How to bond all my 3g connection ?
2.How to create a connection to my Balance 380
3.connecting to my CDN

Need your guidance…
Thanks in advance

You can refer to our knowledgebase and download the user manuals from our site. Your reseller should also be able to help you with this.

Balance 380 has 20 peer what can i do with it?

You can have up to 20 SpeedFusion enabled devices creating a VPN tunnel back to the 380.