Need some help AP Rugged and Surf Soho


Hi all,

I thought i could set this up without a “hitch” (yes overly optimistic i know) after reading how best to extend my wifi range across a different part of the house, so i bought an AP Rugged to compliment my Surf Soho MK3.

However my lack of network knowledge is failing here and the manuals aren’t helping much either.

I have the following LANS:

Untagged Network (VLAN none)
IoT (VLAN 4)
Guest (VLAN 5)
Office (VLAN 1)

The three VLANs each have an SSID with the same name working perfectly on my Soho. All my VLANs work ok, networks communicate with devices and the internet, etc…

On the Surf i am using Port 2 TRUNK with VLAN 1,4,5 selected

On the AP Rugged (in bridge mode) i have the Port TRUNK to All

So that both ends are trunked.

I have setup the SSID’s identically in terms of channel/username/pass/encryption (there are some different options) on the AP Rugged and obviously wireless devices can connect to the AP but not the internet. I can ping the internet from the AP, but none of the devices can connect to the web. My phone seems to keep getting a 169. ip address, so i was unsure if the soho was giving out the correct IPs.

On the AP, if i disable VLAN ID on one of the SSID’s (as i set them to correspond to the VLANID on the soho) i can connect to the web, but nothing else on that network (printers, etc) as my ip address is for the SSID IoT despite connecting to the Office SSID.

I have tried using the DHCP setting on a SSID (AP) to “relay” and added in the DHCP server IP (the soho) and still failed.

I cannot find any guides to help with setting up an AP with a soho and what options are required with VLANS

Also i want the AP rugged to be on the Office VLAN 1 but the soho gives it the iOT VLANID 4 ip address.

Can any one help me please, i am not getting anywhere with this.