Need Schedules

There are a number of places that the Peplink Balance One (and I assume other Balance products) take a static number where I really need a schedule.

Case 1:

For each WAN connection I can specify download and upload speeds. However, neither of my ISPs comes anywhere near their rated throughput on a regular basis. I might see the rated performance at 4AM, but only 70% of it during daytime off-peak periods and 30% during evening peak. This is particularly true of my lower-latency fixed wireless ISP. My other ISP is Hughesnet, so I always have high latencies. But it has more predictable throughput. Unfortunately it is metered. The combination makes it very difficult to create the right rule-set. However, if I could apply different speeds during different times of day it would be easy to create a rule-set to balance all these factors.

Case 2:

I already mentioned Hughesnet, and the ability to managed the metered connection is one of my favorite features of the Balance One. However you have no provision to deal with the bonus data available between 2AM and 8AM. Other satellite providers offer their own off-peak extra quotas (or no quotas off-peak). So it would be nice to specify schedules here as well!

Time Scheduling of WAN on/off and or priority order.

Exactly the same issue and questions I was searching for an answer. Us rural business folks don’t have a lot of options and creativity is a must, thus my balance 305. Balancing Hughes Net and several different carriers of cell data. Would like to turn off cellular data in evening when Hughes has fasters rates and the free or bonus units and thus help save the carrier allocation for work hours and reduce the surprise $$$$ carrier overage.

I agree.

Time Scheduling of cellular/WAN ports.

Some ISPs here charge by time consumed/connected, it would be a waste if we pay for the 16 hours per day it is connected but not being used. The weekends, etc…

Would be awesome on Max HD4. 2 permanent wired WANs. 4 cellular WANs that turn on during office/peak hours or critical events.

I also confirm that this feature is a MUST HAVE.

hope developer hear our voice.


Hi all,

This feature has been include in our development roadmap. We target to support this in v6.3. Stay tuned.