Need Help With Balance 30


I have just purchased 2 balance 30 for two of my projects.

I have a Leased Line with Static IP on Wan 1, DSL on Wan 2, and DSL on Wan 3

All three have DHCP Active, but I have set static IP set on each of the WANs.

The Balance 30 also has DHCP active which is then connected to the Apple Airport extreme base station - which is the main DHCP Server and is connected to 15 other Airport Extremes.

Earlier Only the leased line was connected to the Airport Extreme Base Station, and I forwarded the port for my Media Server to be accessed from outside the network, this was managed on PepLink by forwarding the port to Extreme and extreme to the Lan IP assigned.

The problem is, I have activated UPnP etc, but my ROKU - Netflix and Hulu is barely ever connecting. What should I do do have a smooth transition?

Also, One WAN the DSL on 2 Keeps Failing DNS test, but when connected directly it works fine and give an 8MBPS test. Once the test fails it doesnt bond the speed from that WAN and works on the slower WAN 1 and WAN 2.

Please advice what could be changed to get better results!


Applications / devices that use multiple sockets like the Roku, to services on the web, will need to be forced onto using one WAN per session. The problem is the Peplink will spread the individual socket connection across different WAN and public IP’s. The service end views that as an error and expects all your connections to come from one IP. The Roku probably does its own network probing too, and it might discover a different public IP via the peplink. Look into setting custom outbound policy rules.

Try changing the Wan2 network health check to ping mode instead.


Thanks so much, will try the above …

Appreciate it!

Hello Again

I cant manage to set the Outbound Policy for Roku. Does it have to be directing to the IP or the port ? Please let me know…