Need help selecting unit.

I am retired and living on a farm in the boonies. My wife still works, remotely, and is on teams meetings and editing doc’s and uploading to the CO share, ALL DAY LONG.

I have TWO cell links avg ~150M (D) and 35M (U). and a much lower speed 3rd link. And in prepping for this use case, I installed FusionHub on Digital Ocean with a Solo License.

What unit would be most cost effective, (RETIRED), model that could do speedfusion across the two links and have the third low speed one as a backup/standby.?? All RJ-45

I would appreciate your expertise in this matter. Thanks in advance.

With three ethernet connections (your cellular links are supported by separate devices, I take it) I would feel very comfortable recommending the Balance One Core (or the Balance One (not Core) if you want Wi-Fi built in)).

It provides two ethernet WAN ports, with the USB port being usable as a third WAN port with a USB-ethernet dongle.

At 600Mbps routed throughput it seems likely to serve you well.



My intention would be to use SpeedFusion for aggrigation and Wan Smoothing for my wifes video meetings.

If just seems like the PepVPN Throughput (No Encryption), speed is fairly slow for a potential 300M bonded link. (-16%)


A SpeedFusion connection max’es out at 60Mbps on the Balance One. Given the capacity of your lines the use of SpeedFusion would not be to enhance overall size of the session pipe but rather one of improved reliability and smoothness.

Using the SpeedFusion connection for the Teams meetings ensures their reliability (and 60Mbps is quite sufficient, to say the least) and the naked connections for other sessions (using the Outbound Policies to establish what goes where) should work well in terms of getting a reasonable balance between smoothness and overall throughput.

Increasing the SpeedFusion capacity is possible - just add some money (a few $100s) to the budget and look at the Balance Two or Balance 30.

FWIW, we have deployed a Balance One units and they have performed very well, within our context, which is not particularly reliant on SpeedFusion bandwidth capacity.



PS: I am not a partner - I’d recommend given one of them a call and they can engage in a structured conversation where the trade-offs can be fairly considered and evaluated.

I’d recommend a 20x. It has a max thruput of 900mbps
It has a wired wan, optional usb cell or a usb wired wan, one built-in cellular and a flex module for another cell.
We are a peplink partner and can have a call to discuss how we can help you more.