Need help creating PepVPN profile with only one router

I’m new to Peplink and am trying to configure PepVPN through InCOntrol2. It seems like any Topology I try (Star, Mesh, Peer) will not allow me to create a profile.
Star fails because the device is undetected even after clicking “Show unavailable devices”.
Mesh and Peer both fail on the first step because I need to select 2 devices.

Does anyone have instructions on setting up PepVPN with only a single Peplink device? Thanks

Hi Andy,

PepVPN is a device-to device VPN connection so you would always need to have at least two Peplink devices.

For customers who only have a single device but want to take advantage of the powerful PepVPN/SpeedFusion features then you should definitely take a look at the SpeedFusion Cloud service that Peplink rolled out sometime back:

I think this is what you are after and it works amazingly well!


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