Need help connecting my surf soho to Xbox Live


So I’m in a boat in a marina with Onspot WIFI. Trying to connect to Xbox Live on an Xbox One. My Xbox is telling me that the NAT type is strict and the UPnP is not successful.

This has led to a few issues and its something I was told is possible when the purchase was made. Need help!

Any advice on opening the NAT or optimizing the surf soho for this would be grea!



I think it is unlikely that the SOHO is the issue. I strongly suspect that Onspot (and their NAT) is your issue. One way to check that would be to use a tool such as provided by or . (There are many such web tools available.) If the ports you need to be opened are blocked by thsoe folks there is not much you’re going to be able to do – unless you can appeal your case to them (unlikely, I’d guess).

We’re not Xbox users here but I’d be reluctant to enable UPnP for security reasons. However, if you want to do so you may find this control on the SOHO at Advanced | Port Forwarding | UPnP / NAT-PMP Settings.


Do you opened the following ports ?