Need help can't connect 310X to core switch with multiple lan

plan to install 4 of 310x at client site but can’t find the way to connect 310x to core switch at sufficient speed. each site install 2 x 1000/500mbps internet + 100mbps LTE.

Wrong product sizing ?

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Not likely. I work closely with PEPlink distributor and they recommend this product along with Speed Fusion to serve for 2Gi internet with LTE redundant. 1x2Gig internet is normal here in Thailand.

yesterday after receiving the unit. PEPlink distributor instruct me to the menu that missing from this unit. that’s why I’m asking for help. any alternative to speed up from single UTP to core switch ?

If I understood you correct… You want to enable LACP, to bond two network-cables as uplink to the core-switch?
Not clear for me, why you want to connect 4x 310X with one core-switch?

I think @sitloongs hit the nail on the head. The 310x doesn’t support LACP so you would need to go with a balance 710 for your bandwidth and LACP requirements.

It would be good though if the 310x can get LACP though.


@dennis.hofheinz each 310x will be install at each location. so kind of LCAP or anything that can combine multiple gigabit to core switch will solve my problem.

@james.webster1. just checking another thread and your comment make me understand my situation. If LCAP is only way to complete my job and this product offer no way to do so. I have no option to recall this orders to my clients. and will be in bad situation. both customer cancel their MPLS effective in the end of this months. I’m asking for testing unit last month but unfortunately this is too new.

LACP is the way to get more than one gigabit. This is not supported of the BPL 310x

You should contact your distributor in that case…

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