Need advice for a speedfusion router for livestreaming

Hi everybody! First post on this forum.

I have a home office where I do live streaming. Right now I have a router for another brand that can do failover, but its not seamless. I’m looking for a hot failover with a single IP.

I did my research and found that Peplink can do this using SpeedFusion. I can also see that there is FusionHub Solo and its free, but requieres a peplink router. So the question is which router should I buy? I will only use it for 1 PC that will stream live contente to CDNs.

Also, can I setup only hot failover or it needs to use bonding as well?


Welcome to the community!

What kind of connections will you be bonding? Thanks

Hi Tim! 2 fiber connections

You will want a dual wan peplink router. something like a balance 20 or balance 30-LTE (two wan plus cellular backup). Then you will activate the bonding license and it can make the two fiber connections really act like one. failover is seamless. It is important that the two wan connections being bonded are somewhat similar in speeds. i.e. bond a 500x50 fiber with a 20x2 DSL line results in crap. failover is fine…but do not bond wildly different speed circuits.
I have about 900 peplink routers in use, almost all are wan failover to cellular. All using speedfusion. We are a VoIP provider. When the wan fails it does not even drop call in progress. An that is just with failover, not even bonding

Excellent! Can I use only hot failover without bonding, right? Finally FusionHub Solo on Speedfusion on AWS should work as a regular fusionhub subscription?

Technically it would be bonding configured to provide hot failover - but yes. Free Fusionhub Solo on AWS (or Vultr / Dreamhost / Upcloud /) would work great!