Nat Mapping and Hosted VoIP

Can Nat Mappings setting truly benefit a hosted VoIP network?

Yes only if you have Multiple Static IP’S One Ip going to that VoIP server the others are port forded to what ever else you needed

My environment is always a hosted environment.

Outbound Policy:
Source: ANY
Destination: Domain of my Feature Server
Protocol: UDP
Port: ANY

Outbound Firewall Rules:
Source IP & Port is ANY
Destination IP is domain of my feature server
Port is 5060
Protocol is UDP

Same thing but for RTP ports 10000-30000

Nat Mappings:
The network IP of my VoIP subnet. Ex.

*You would Port Forward? and if so would you port forward to the VoIP network IP or the gateway

Hi tjvoip45,

NAT Mapping is useful if you need to dedicate a public IP to an internal host. Of course you must ensure you have sufficient public IP. It is more simple and straight forward if compare to Port Forwarding.

Normally NAT Mapping is used when you host server in LAN.