My Pepwave Is jumping every time

Hi everybody
I have a Pepewave MAX-BR1-C731 jumping every-time, I loose the wifi signal and I have to wait few minutes before see it again and connect once again, this restart trouble happened many time during the day, some time every 10 minutes, some time every hour.
Anybody have an idea of what is going on into my router? Or maybe a setup to change?
Thank you

Are you using wifi WAN? If not make sure that’s disabled on the dashboard.

Thank you so much for your help, actually I’m not using VAN and it is disable on my dashboard.
I’m connected with a sim card but when I said I loose the wifi connection, I talk about the Pepwave,
the pepwave just switch off alone and restart alone many time during all day.

What do the logs say?

Unfortunately nothing about restart or reboot or losing the wifi signal…