My Issues with multiple devices in the new incontrol

Well I love the Incontrol but have identified some issues. Here is what I have running: 17 Max BR1 Verizon LTE, 3 Balance 20’s, 2 Balance 30’s, Balance 380, and 2 Surf SOHO. The balance 20 and 380 are also running AP Ones. The balance 20s show they are out of warranty even though they are new. The Br1s are showing the wrong warranty dates. The Pep VPN feature will not work on any device now and I can not find a way to diable incontrol management of PEP VPN to get it back up and running. The captive portal I had in place no longer works and I can not get it to work with Incontrol2 onbly with Incontrol. I think this is an AP One issue since they will not register with In control 2. Any advice is appreciated.



This issue has been handled through our ticket system.