Multiple Wired WAN devices?

I am trying to have two devices wired to the WAN port on my MT. Currently its connected to a MikroTik Metal Wifi device for pulling in local WiFi in campgrounds and I would like to add my Netgear MR1100 Cellular Router running ATT as a wired failover device if the Local WiFi is bad I am not really finding a way to make a second WAN (wired) instance to show in the dashboard. Maybe its not possible? Is there a document that explains how to do it? There are a lot of threads about multiple WAN connections, but from what I gleaned they didn’t seem to be similar to what I thought I could do. Hints would be helpful. Thanks, Bill

PS. My MT has T-Mobile and Verizon SIM’s in its single modem.

Its not possible to have multiple wired WANs on the MAX Transit as it only has a single Wired WAN port.

Instead you might consider leaving the MikroTik device connected and using WiFi WAN on the Tranist to connect to your Netgear MR1100

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Ok. I was thinking I would just put a layer 2 switch on that WAN port. I can use the wifi wan, I was just hoping I could use the MR1100 via ethernet too. Thanks, Bill