Multiple VRRP, and VRRP on non native vlan

Dear Support,

We would like to request below features, that we wish to have in your product:

• The first request is to have the ability of configuring VRRP on the non-native vlans, i.e. vlans other than vlan1.
• Having the ability to configure multiple VRRP and multiple VIPs.

By utilizing the above requested function, we can deploy the two HA boxes in active-active mode, by configuring multiple VRRPs and based on this, we can have the master per vlan, and distribute the internal users among the two VIPs.

For example, and as in the attached drawing, Box-A can be a master for vlan 1, and box-B can be a master for vlan 10.

During the normal state, the traffic of vlan 1 is flowing through Box-A, and the traffic of vlan 10 is flowing through Box-B.
In case of any failure of one of the boxes, all traffic will continue through the other one.

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Hi Guys,

We need the same feature for a project. Is there any update on this?

We require this functionality as well.


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Allow me to push this up, it is needed more than ever. We replace Cisco and alike networks with Peplink’s but if we’re missing such basic functionnality, project ends up in a dead end.



we have nearly the same Request. We need that for Disaster Recovery in a Layer 2 Tunnel.
Even RSTP would be a big help

So please push that :slight_smile:



we need this feature too.


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