Multiple pepvpn profiles between two routers


Hi, I am looking for a way to run both a layer 2 & layer 3 pepvpn between the same pair of Max routers. These are 2 physically seperate networks (that must remain that way) at each end point, and would be accessed from seperate vlan tagged LAN ports on each router.
At present multiple pepvpn profiles cannot have the same remote ID. Is there another way of achieving this without a 3rd router at one end point?
The layer 2 VPN does not need to be pepvpn, but it needs to pass multicast and I have had no luck doing this with IPSEC or GRE on the peplinks.

Any advice would be appreciated.



This is in our roadmap. Target to have it in the coming release v8.0.0. Stay tuned!


Thanks, any ballpark target date for this release? We are also hanging out for some QoS features slated for 7.2, any indication of this release as well?



v8.0.0 still under development and no solid date at the moment. We will keep you posted the update.