Multiple Lan Subnets and Peplink Balance Class Router


I have a customer with a Netopia R910 Router on a Time Warner Fibre Line 10mb/10mb. They currently have 6 LAN subnets handled by the router to various devices on the network. The router is not serving DHCP as they have 2 domain controllers that run DHCP for the primary subnet. All other subnets are static IP equipment. All subnets can get to the internet through the router.

My question is can the Balance class of routers do the same thing or do I have to do something else (equipment wise) to make this config work?

Thanks in Advance

Hi Stormbrite,

The Balance does only serve 1 LAN subnet to the inside network, in order for multiple subnets to be setup behind the Balance, you will need to setup a layer 3 switch in tandem with the Balance. The following article from our Knowledgebase shows more of the process-