Multiple guest portals in 1 InControl account


We would like to use 1 InControl account to manage all of our accesspoints at our clients offices. The cliets use these accesspoints as hotspots in public area’s.

We would like to be able to have a custom captive portal for every client so we can present the clients own logo and forward users to the website of that specific client.

The best solution would be to be able to have a custom portal for every SSID we configure in a configuration

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Hi There,

Unfortunately you are not able to have multiple Captive Portals setups to apply on an SSID basis. The Captive Portal information is tied to the Incontrol Account and not the AP level. What this means is that it is one Captive Portal setup that would apply to all APs on that InControl account.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your reply.

It is because it’s currently not possible that I post this in “feature request”. We are a (small) wifi service provider and would like to be able to service all our ap’s from 1 account but still be able to have users redirected to custom landing pages to give it a more client-specific experience.

Could the “Extensions” feature be used for this? In the manual I see that it is possible foor Surf/Surf AP devices to configure “client web access redirection”. With this feature we could create a captive webportal ourselfes where we redirect connected clients to.

However, this profile is not available to AP One devices for as far as I can see?