Multiple client VPN connections from same remote site

I have 2 people who work for the same company traveling and staying in the same hotel. They both want to use their laptops to connect to the corporate Balance 20 via the IPSEC client VPN. Each of them can connect fine if the other person is not already connected. If the person who is connected disconnects the other person connects fine. Is the a way to allow both people to connect at the same time? Would changing to PPTP connection make any difference. Balance 20 is at firmware 6.2.2 build 3008.

This is probably because both clients are trying to connect using the same source IP and the Balance 20 just drops the existing IPSEC tunnel and creates the new one.

If you switch to PPTP this problem will go away.

Tim, thank you for the reply. We will give that a try and let you know what happens.